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Kevin Reem is recognized for his enthusiastic and perceptive Producer and Director style resulting in high levels of team productivity. He is creative, imaginative and productive. Kevin is an intuitive decision-maker; an action person with broad-based experience and exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.

He has demonstrated management and leadership abilities spanning a 20-year career in video and film production, including marketing and promotions. He is adaptive; can easily act as a conduit between production, technical engineering and client expectations.

We are an award winning production company offering Scriptwriting / Screenwriting and Production services in Burbank CA














Tee To Shining Tee

From the the the oceans white with foam...follow one tenacious law student with one crazy dream – to raise money for underprivileged kids by hitting a golf ball from one side of the U.S. to the other through desert heat, hurricanes, monsoons, mosquitoes and more.

Against all odds, armed with just a set of golf clubs and a tiny crew, a tenacious college student sets out to raise money for underserved kids by shooting a golf ball from one side of the U.S. to the other…a feat which had never been done before.

A passionate young law student takes off across the United States determined to hit a golf ball from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic coast in an effort to raise money for underprivileged kids at Providence Chrystal Ray High School, Indiana, all within 100 days.

Luke Bielawski and his three-man crew tee off on a Ventura Beach in California. On their journey east, they climb 4,000 feet across the Santa Ynez mountains; they cross the burning roads of the Mohave Desert; and as they push further east they battle hurricanes, monsoons, giant mosquitoes, vehicle breakdowns and broken golf clubs…oh, and lose a ball or two. (OK, they lost 5,543 balls to be exact.)

But they also meet wonderful, amazing people along the way – kids, ranchers, golfers and even former president, George W. Bush. By the time Luke smacks the ball into the sea on Kiawah Island, South Carolina (two days before the 100-day deadline, by the way!) a huge crowd and three TV network news crews gather on the beach to cheer his final shot. . 





WISH - Wait I'm Still Here

“He’s ADHD.” “She’s bipolar.” “He’s schizophrenic.” The numbers of people diagnosed with mental and emotional disorders are at epidemic proportions Why? Is there a sliver of hope for normality out there in the midst of this sea of psychologists, psychiatrists and prescription drugs?

The numbers are alarming. Mental disorders and emotional problems are rampant in the U.S., particularly when compared to the rest of the world. Why? What, if anything, can be done?

First come the labels, then the onslaught of prescription drugs. Is it any wonder that mental, emotional and behavioral disorders have reached epidemic proportions in the U.S.?

In this unsettling documentary, eminent doctors, scientists and researchers and their patients, speak up about the disconcerting truths behind today’s mainstream psychiatric practices. Told through the eyes of one young girl’s unending cycle of addiction, the film reveals who’s at risk, who’s at fault, and brings a message of hope in the form of practical solutions for getting us out of this mess. . 



Proudly Presents

In co-production with Cogent Entertainment, BFJ Creative and Spectrum Film Group, Kevin Reem is producing "Travel Latte" an international travel show, brewing up a different story. 

Come vacation with us as “TRAVEL LATTE” takes you on a delicious journey to find beautiful untouched wilderness, incredible animals, fascinating folks and the world’s best cup of java.  Ahhh!


Feature Film: V. De La Rosa - Bounty Hunter

Admitting Defeat is Not an Option

The first in a series of V. De La Rosa Films


The discovery of a dead body near a small town on the Tex-Mex boarder has the locals spooked.  A tough as nails, no-nonsense ex US Marshal turned Bounty Hunter, Vicki de La Rosa, reluctantly takes on the case and finds herself injected into a murder, conspiracy, bribery, drug gang connections and kidnapping that could cost her life. 

Recovering from a traumatic and accidental shooting of a pregnant desperado, Vicki is battling her demons with the bottle. She throws herself into the job attempting to regain her edge and her sanity.  Her superior, a retired US Marshal Chief known as "(J.D.) Jay D. Dodson" has duplicitous connections to the case and, is using her as a pawn to carry out his illicit drugs and sex-trafficking business.


Feature Film: BELOW THE MANTLE - SciFi


An ancient lost Egyptian city, buried thousands of leagues beneath the sea, becomes the portal to an astounding futuristic society. But as a group of international scientists and their soldier escorts explore this amazing utopia, they soon uncover a master race bent on ecologically destroying the world above in order to save their own civilization.. 

An international team of quirky experts and scientists are drafted by the Pentagon to solve the puzzle of where, how and why a U.S. submarine was mysteriously destroyed. But the team’s exploration is abruptly cut short when they are abducted and whisked 400 miles below the ocean’s surface to what appears to be a submerged Egyptian utopia.

Surprisingly, the team’s captors turn out to be kind, gracious hosts who encourage their new “guests” to explore, even furnishing them with flying cars and highly advanced, humanoid robots as guides. The scientists are dazzled by this astonishing civilization which is built entirely beneath a diamond-hard crystal dome holding back billions of pounds of seawater pressure. And the air temperature is blissfully cool, even though they are incredibly close to the earth’s lava-hot molten core. How can that be?

The team ventures into a forbidden zone close to the dome’s edge where they discover a massive pumping system exchanging the local, boiling hot seawater with the cool Arctic Ocean on the earth’s surface. In other words, they uncover the real reason behind global warming!

Can this tiny handful of misfit science nerds and soldiers shut down this ecological nightmare long enough to escape their brilliant captors and make it back to the surface to warn the unsuspecting world above?

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