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is Proud to Present

V. De La Rosa

Admitting Defeat is Not an Option


Written by Kevin Reem & Paul Plamondon & Ricci Moore

The first in a series of BOUNTY HUNTER films:

An investigation injects a reluctant ex US Marshal turned Bounty Hunter, Vicki De La Rosa, into a mystery as she tries to unravel a connection of murder, conspiracy, bribery, drug gang connections and kidnapping that could cost her life.

The discovery of a dead body near a small town on the Tex-Mex boarder has the locals spooked.  A tough as nails, no-nonsense US Marshal, Vicki De La Rosa, reluctantly takes on the case and finds herself injected into a conspiracy that unbeknownst to her could cost her life. 

Recovering from a traumatic and accidental shooting of a pregnant desperado, De La Rosa is battling her demons with the bottle. She throws herself into the job attempting to regain her edge and her sanity. Her superior, a retired US Marshal Chief known as "(J.D.) Jay D. Dodson," has duplicitous connections to the case and is using her as a pawn to carry out his illicit drugs and sex-trafficking business. The murder investigation reveals a diary detailing connected clues of betrayal, bribery and slayings.

Evidence points Vicki to the kidnappings of a number of local pregnant women, dredging up her troubling past. With the help of her wet-behind-the-ears partner, Richard Richardson III, Vicki quickly uncovers a serious but sinister plot by an extremist cult leader known as Belinda Briar. Vicki pursues her from the Tex-Mex border to a Northeast town known as Binghamton New York.

Racing against time to save the kidnapped, pregnant women and their soon to be born babies, she finds herself in a desperate situation to also protect the border town from conspiracies, which could destroy her and all she holds dear.