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Kevin Reem is an award winning Writer / Director / Producery offering writing serives in Burbank California. Each year hundreds of screenplays become feature films. And each year thousands of teleplays become television episodes. Opportunity is right around the corner. The magic. The glitz. All that's missing is your ideas and the help of Spectrum Film Group.

How do you change that? Well, first you've got to decide to move forward with your idea and then call Spectrum to colaberate and write your script or screenplay. Call us TODAY for more information. We would be happy to give you a free quote. Call Kevin Reen today at: Cell: 818-259-0927, Office: 818-841-1828 .



Completed Scripts : Logline and Synopsis
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Kevin Reem: Writer / Producer / Director

Cell: 818-259-0927
Office: 818-841-1828 






“V. De la Rosa Bounty Hunter”

Ex-US Marshal turned bounty hunter, Vicki de La Rosa, is forced to confront demons of her past when she uncovers a brutal murder and is thrust into an investigation of drugs and human trafficking that could cost her life.


The discovery of a dead body near a small boarder town in New Mexico has the locals spooked.  A tough as nails, no-nonsense Ex. US Marshal turned Bounty Hunter, Vicki de La Rosa, reluctantly takes on the case and finds herself injected into a conspiracy that could cost her life.

Recovering from a traumatic shooting of a pregnant desperado, Vicki is battling her demons with the bottle.  She throws herself into the job attempting to regain her edge.  Hampered by retired Chief Deputy, J.D., with a kill or be killed reputation, Vanessa soon discovers she is a pawn in a sinister plot of drugs and human trafficking.

The murder investigation reveals a diary detailing connected clues of betrayal, bribery and slayings.  Evidence points her to the kidnapping of her sister and a number of local pregnant women, dredging up Vicki’s troubling past.  She quickly uncovers a series of clues by underworld boss Belinda Briar, leading her on a pursuit through the bad lands of New Mexico.

Racing against time to save her sister, the kidnapped women and their soon to be born babies, Vicki finds herself in a desperate situation which could destroy all she holds dear.

"Below the Mantle"


A lost sunken Egyptian city becomes the portal to a futuristic civilization as a group of scientists and their soldier escorts' battle to save humankind with the aid of robotic slaves.

The mysterious disappearance of a US Navy vessel causes the Pentagon to dispatch a Special Forces unit to escort a group of scientist to explore the sunken Egyptian city of Thonis-Heracleion.   They strangely disappear through a vortex and find themselves 400 miles below the earth's mantel among an advanced Egyptian civilization thousands of years old.   In an attempt to save their civilization the Egyptians are slowly destroying the world above.  The science team enlists the help of humanoid robotic slaves in a bid to save humankind as they evade the Pharaoh's great army sent to terminate them at all costs.

Kevin Reem
Director / Producer / Writer


Kevin Reem has been in the film and entertainment business for over 25 years beginning in the production department as a Walt Disney Imagineering.  He worked his way up the Disney corporate ladder becoming a Manager of Production as well as a video producer in four of Disney’s major divisions; Walt Disney Imagineering, The Disney Channel, Disney Home Entertainment and

He re-created a new multi media production company, Reemvision Entertainment, and is currently producing and directing a documentary feature and a travel show.  Reem recently completed two feature scripts “V. de La Rosa – Bounty Hunter” (thriller) and “Below The Mantle” (Sci-Fi) with his writing team Ricci Moore and Paul Plamondon.  He is currently writing a Sci-Fi thriller entitled “Kepler 422b.”

Reem is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Producers Guild of America and the International Animated Film Society (ASIFA Hollywood).  He has been honored with several awards and holds a BFA degree in communication and film from Pacific Lutheran University. 



Paul Plamondon

Co-Producer / Writer / Technical Consultant

Paul is a retried civil servant after 30 years with the Department of Defense as an Engineering Technician involved in research and technology development of new defense systems.  He also performed testing, evaluation and modifications of new and old designs in support of the U.S Army worldwide and the Air Force flight test center at Edwards Air Force Base in Mojave, California.
He supported smart weapons testing for aircraft including the B2, B1, B52 and F15, F18, and F16 fighter jets.

Paul was active for twelve years with the Boy Scouts of America. He taught pioneering and orienteering, along with maps and compass skills. As a troop and regional volunteer he was on the Roundtable Council for the BSA district and on National BSA Jamboree Staff.

He was the executive producer, a short horror/thriller film, “PEREFECTION,” which screened at the LA shorts film Fest. He was co-writer and researcher on feature scripts “V. de La Rosa - Bounty Hunter” and “Below The Mantle.”







Ricci Moore
Executive Producer / Writer / Creative Development

An entrepreneur, actor, writer, producer, creative director, business executive and CEO. Ricci has many talents and has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years both behind and in front of the camera. He is known for his out of the box, innovative and creative thinking. He has written and produced a stage play “The Confirmed Bachelor, later re-written into a screenplay as a feature film project, he created and produced a reality tv pilot called “WoodScrews, WoodWorking for Dummies” and his latest projects include a television animation for children and a series of published children's books called “Sir E. Robert Smythe and His Galactic Safety Council”, a reality based TV series, a feature documentary and a feature film project.