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Kevin Reem hit the nail on the head after landing a job with Walt Disney Imagineering.  Working on the multi-formatted films in the film department during the creation and opening of EPCOT Center at Walt Disney World, there was so much that Kevin needed to accomplish within a two-year deadline. “Disney really wanted to push the film envelope,” Kevin said, “so we came up with 11 different film formats.  I was quickly given several projects and constantly boarding a plane to Florida.”

Kevin has since worked as a producer, director, writer, associate producer, and most recently as a new media video producer for Disney Interactive Media Group (aka before establishing two companies out of Burbank and Hollywood.

Reemvision Entertainment, a video, and film production company, focuses on documentary, travel, Internet short form and long form content, as well as trailers/promos.

“The need to know how to write and create films is important in the business,” Kevin says, “but production law, public relations, negotiation, finance, and how to lead and inspire is equally important,”  something he’s been practicing his entire professional life. Presently directing and producing a documentary feature film with associate Jim Legoy on mental health entitled “Wait! I’m Still Here.”  Kevin is focusing on the increasing numbers of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders in the United States.  The script crafts a serious, thoughtful, and credible exploration into fundamental questions of which individuals, families, patients, and even doctors are asking.

Fortunate to have worked in four major divisions at the Walt Disney Company: Walt Disney Imagineering, The Disney Channel, Disney Home Video, and, Kevin has also had the experience of running his own production company for seven years and learning to overcome budget, story, crew, location, and actor hurdles. He believes that 80% of the business is how you get along with people, 10% is what you know, and 10% is what you are learning.

Holding a BFA from Pacific Lutheran University, Kevin credits some of his former training to his mentor and previous boss, Don Henderson, who took him under his wing and helped him pave the way to a great career in film, and of course, Mr. Walt Disney himself.  Kevin is most inspired by one of Walt’s favorite quotes, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Kevin produced The International Disney Channel Cassettes, a 13-volume collection that helped The Disney Channel develop its presence overseas.  Other works include: lead producer for Disney’s DVD “O Brother Where Art Thou,” nominated for Best DVD of the Year.  Producer/associate producer for Sparkhill Productions as writer/producer for DVD titles including “The Hours,” “Don’t Say a Word.” and an array of Disney “classic titles.  Kevin was the production manager/line producer for “24: Conspiracy”, the first-ever “mobisode” made for wireless phone video series on 3G broadband.  He was credited as associate producer for Little Warsaw Productions, Ascent Media, and Sony Pictures to re-master the Jerry Seinfeld TV series for re-distribution in hi-def.

A member of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Producers Guild of America, and the International Animated Film Society, Kevin recently won both the Telly and Hermes awards for the promotional trailer “Wait! I’m Still Here”, and is the recipient of a Silver Award and a Bronze Award, from the Houston Film Festival, two Bronze Awards, one from Columbus International Film and Video Festival and one from US International Film and Video Festival.  He was also named a finalist in the World Film Fest and Golden Angel Awards.


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