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Read what critics are saying about Writer Producer Kevin Reem...

I met Kevin at Disney 23 years ago. Great producer, always keeping in mind the whole picture, always knowing what to do and how to solve each potential problem. He is also extremely gifted for post production. He pays so much attention to details that any work he is involved in turns to be a beautiful piece.
Angel Blasco
General Manager , Filmayer International

Kevin is an inspired video producer with the utmost integrity and creativity. Kevin's vast video experience and knowledge makes him an indispensable asset to any production. It has been my privilege to work and learn from him.
Daniel Baldwin
Video Editor , Walt Disney Internet Group
(worked directly with Kevin at The Walt Disney Company)

I first worked with Kevin as my line producer when I was hired as Senior Writer for Walt Disney Attractions. For the next several years, Kevin was key to the success of a series of dynamic marketing and sales videos for the Disney theme parks. He is a consummate professional with expertise in every area of production--particularly strong in the role of director, editor, and sound designer. Kevin is a team player, upbeat, easy to work with and really understands how to collaborate with other creative people. Every production he touched had a fresh, original flair that far exceeded Disney's standards of quality. And every show ALWAYS came in on time and under budget. With Kevin on my team, I knew my projects were guaranteed to captivate my audience and make me look like a million bucks in front of my boss.
Bobbi J. Fagone

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I've been lucky to work with Kevin on a variety of projects over the last 15 years. Kevin is the type of producer who really cares about the production and becomes personally involved with each project. Kevin's real excellence comes in controlling the budget. Kevin knows when to save and when to spend, to make sure every dime is there on the screen. And Kevin is the type of person who will roll up his sleeves and make it happen. This positive, up-beat attitude always makes it a pleasure to be part of his projects.
Dan Donely
Director of Photography

I first started working with Kevin Reem while creating added value bonus material for DVDs for the Walt Disney Company. I found Kevin to be extremely knowledgeable about film history, and very capable in film production. So much so, that I hired Kevin to work closely with me on a two and a half year restoration of all nine seasons of SEINFELD for DVD. I have used Kevin in various capacities in several productions, and he has always been my mainstay! I'd hire him any time for any project!
Tony B. Malanowski
Little Warsaw Productions

There has never been a technical question that I've had that Kevin Reem couldn't answer! I have had the honor and pleasure to work with Kevin for over 15 years, and during that time I can honestly say he has brought much knowledge and talent to my sets. His attention to detail as a producer and location manager have always been amazing and right on target with the tasks at hand. I'd work with him anytime.
Cynthia Christopher
Writer, Producer, Director
Prime Choice Entertainment

It is always a great pleasure to work closely with Kevin Reem. Time and again he has proven his unsurpassed ability to expertly guide projects from conception to completion. He is a valuable mentor whose passion for his craft and his willingness to help others and go the extra mile is constantly reflected in the high quality of his work.
Paul T. Abramson
Writer, Producer, Director
Educational Media Workshop of Southern California